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E23 Inc

The RAID & Network Storage Company
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E23 Inc

Office: 714-257-9330

Cell: 626-926-1311

Fax: 714-494-8160

565 W. Lambert Rd.

Suite B

Brea, California  92821

E23 Inc designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and supports a full line of digital data storage products, such as: RAID, DAS, NAS, iSCSI/IP-SAN and Fibre/SAN; and provide solutions: such as HD Digital Video Editing, Security Video Recording, D2D2T backup, VTL, Replication, and Server/Application failover clustering, etc.

E23 was established in 2003 with executive team members which of each with more than 16 years of technical and management experiences from fields of making PC Motherboards, Servers, Data Storage Products, and IC chips.

While having manufacturing facilities and contracted software developing houses oversea, E23 headquarters in Brea, Southern California for Marketing, Logistics, Service and Support. Some designs and developments are also done in Brea, California.
Why Buy from E23

(differentiation to other vendors)

(1) E23 is not an importer, but rather, a true manufacturer
E23 has 3 roles:

>> Designs and makes its own products;
>> Designs a product and has contracted OEM make it for E23;
>> The official representative in the US for some oversea manufacturers to do marketing/sales/support.

(2) Most versatile product line
Understanding each market segment has different focus and requirements; E23 offers the most complete storage products line to cover the full spectrum to satisfy storage needs from small business to enterprise class requirements.

(3) Not just products, but solutions
E23 sells not only its own storage products, but also provides solutions, solutions that cover all the necessary pieces from multi-vendors including software and hardware for real life problem solving. Providing such solutions require lots of experiences, knowledge, and making alliances and strong relationships with partners, suppliers and other major players in the data storage market.

Many other “true” manufacturers fail to do that; either because they care only their own products, or because they don’t have the knowledge, experiences and/or relationship to do that.

E23 provides professional, technical and solution consulting service to its customers. Buying from E23 is like having your own team of product managers, except you are not putting them on your pay-roll.


(4) Visions and Passions
Experience and knowledge give E23 the visions to see where the digital data storage trend is going toward, thus, E23 can always plan ahead to provide products/solutions not only solving today’s problems but also satisfying tomorrow’s needs for customers. Low TCO(total cost of ownership) and protection of investments for customers are always considered when E23 materializes a product.

Visions also allow E23’s customers to enjoy the leading-edge technologies while avoiding the breading-edge.

Passions and professionalism for making good storage products are major force that drives E23 to perfecting its products and solutions. We take prides on our works. We use not only brains but also hearts to engineer and craft each and every product that we make. 
Mission Statement
We care !
At E23, we care not only having your business, but we also care the wellbeing of your business.

E23 is committed to continuously provide affordable, quality, and broad range of digital data storage products, solutions and solution enabling building blocks for today and tomorrow.