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The RAID & Network Storage Company
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Areca RAID Adapter & Storage Products 

E23 Inc is one of a few Areca distributors in the U.S.

Different from other distributors, E23 not only distributes but also specializes on helping OEMs / VARs / Resellers to design-in and build solutions around Areca's products, and provide excellent support and services. With our technical and knowledge background, we are able to help OEMs / VARs / Resellers to initiate, get, and sustain projects which is most beneficial for OEMs / VARs / Resellers.

Because of E23's "project, solution & support" nature, we carry a few special and purposely made items that are hard to find in the market, see below product list for details.

We are not asking you to switch from your current brands of RAID or your current supplier. We are not competing with other RAID makers/vendors.We are simply filling in the gaps left open by other vendors and suppliers.

We just ask you to give Areca / E23 a try when you find some thing here that fits your needs and it is not available else where, or simply just because you like our services. ( Why Choose Areca? -- Some Facts )
Purposely Made for Special Feature RAID Adapters ------ all are unique in the world !

  • The PCIe x 1, 8 Ports Low-Cost True Hardware SATA RAID Adapter
  • 8 SATA Ports to cover the needs for 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 SATA disks.
  • Perfect for Entry Level Server, NAS, and DVR/NVR systems.
  • Fits 2U Chassis without using Riser card.
More info; Datasheet(PDF); Pictures

  • Low-Profile 12 Ports 6G SAS2/SATA3 PCIe RAID Adapter
  • 12 x Internal Ports + 8088 Ext. with Low-Profile or Full-Height Bracket
  • Perfect to fit 2U Rackmount Chassis without Riser card.
  • Best ROI for future capacity expansion via the 8088 mini-SAS connector
More info; Datasheet(PDF); Pictures
  • 8 Ports 6G SAS2 PCIe RAID Adapter
  • The High Performance alternative to ARC-1201 while keeping the cost low
  • Low Profile form factor with Low Profile and Full Height mounting brackets
  • Perfect for Hi-Performance Entry Level Server, NAS, and DVR/NVR
  • Fits 2U Chassis without using Riser card
More info; Datasheet(PDF);

  • The PCIe x 1, 2 Ports Low-Cost True Hardware SATA RAID Adapter
  • Typically use for OS disks mirroring instead of using on-board SATA ports.
More info; Datasheet(PDF); Pictures
Areca External Storage Solutions --  external SAS RAID and RAID cards, HBA, and SAS JBOD

  • 6G SAS2 RAID Adapter for external JBOD without SAS Expander.
  • 2 x SFF-8088 External Ports supports up to total 8 disks
  • Support Mac/Apple & PC, typically for Digital Video Editing and Personal Computing Applications.
More info; Datasheet(PDF);

  • 6G SAS2 RAID Adapter for external JBODs with or without SAS Expander.
  • PCIe 3.0 & DualCore RAID Processor w/ 1GB DDR3-1333 Cache
  • 2 x SSF-8088 External Connectors, supports up to 128 disks.
  • Support Mac/Apple & PC, Excellent Performance for Digital Video Editing & IT Storage Capacity Expansion needs.
More info; Datasheet(PDF);

  • 6G SAS2 HBA (Host Bus Adapter)
  • 2 x SSF-8088 External Ports provides SAS connectivity to external RAID box or JBOD enclosures.
  • Support Mac/Apple & PC
More info; Datasheet(PDF);

  • 8Bay Desktop Tower - 6G SAS JBOD with LSI SAS Expander Chip
  • 4 x SFF-8088 mini-SAS Ports: 2 x IN-Ports + 2x OUT-Ports.
  • Capacity Expandable by chaining with another ARC-4036
  • Work with ARC-1882X, or any ARC-1882 series that has SFF-8088 Port.
  • Work with ARC-8040 as additional disk enclosure for capacity expansion
  • Compatible with RAID controllers from Other Brands too

More info; Datasheet(PDF); Pictures

  • 8Bay Desktop Tower - 6G SAS RAID System
  • Host Independent & OS Transparent & Driver Free
  • Work with ARC-1320X and/or LSI 6G SAS HBA
  • 2 x SFF-8088 mini-SAS Ports: 1 x IN-Port + 1 x OUT-Port or 2 x IN-Ports.
  • Support Dual- Hosts Failover Clustering
  • RJ45 LAN Port for Out-of-Band Management & Monitoring
  • Work with ARC-4036 for capacity expansion

More info; Datasheet(PDF); Pictures

  • 6G SAS Expander Module for D.I.Y. 6G SAS JBOD solution.
  • Models for 12, 16, and 24 Ports to disks.
  • Support Zoning
  • External Ports: 3 IN, or 2 IN + 1 OUT, or 1 IN + 2 OUT


Areca ARC-1882 Series - 6G SAS2 DualCore ROC & DDR3-1333 Cache Memory RAID Adapters
Full Line of ARC-1882 Series includes:
  • ARC-1882i  -- 8 internal ports, 2 x 8087
  • ARC-1882X -- 8 external ports, 2 x 8088
  • ARC-1882LP -- 4 internal ports + 4 external ports, 1 x 8087 & 1 x 8088
  • ARC-1882ix-12 -- 12 internal ports + 4 external ports, 3 x 8087 & 1 x 8088
  • ARC-1882ix-16 -- 16 internal ports + 4 external ports, 4 x 8087 & 1 x 8088
  • ARC-1882ix-24 -- 24 internal ports + 4 external ports, 6 x 8087 & 1 x 8088
More info

Areca ARC-12x4 Series - 6G SATA III RAID Adapters
Designed and targeted for those who needs a balance of price, feature and performance.
It supports SATA drives & SATA SSDs, and offers 4, 8, 12, 16, 24 internal SATA Ports.
Perfect for product design-in projects.
More info

Areca External RAID Controller Modules - Host Independent & OS Transparent & Driver Free  (OEM Only)
  • ARC-8367 - 6G SAS-to-6G SAS, DualCore ROC & DDR3-1333, Single or Dual Redundant Controllers
  • ARC-8667 - 8G FC-to-6G SAS, DualCore ROC & DDR3-1333, Single or Dual Redundant Controllers
            (16G FC coming soon)

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